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safe and effective

 the buzzele is safe and affordable, your baby's safety increase the happiness in you .

Clear view and record,

 Application lets watch video and make pictures full screen in SD and HD quality even without card. Picture quality is good and sharp. also  Camera follows the noise and detects movement.

Image with text

1080P enhanced quality image,High definition quality image , os crucial to monitor you home 24/7. 

With 1080p , HD see even the smamllest details .


It secure your house while you out, will  detect movement and send you alert ,

 functionality matched with a good app, it's great. The app load quickly ,you get an alert you can actually catch  the act .

We're Here To Help

Hey supermom! Welcome to Buzzle. Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for stopping by! When we started Buzzele, we had one main goal in mind; make parenting easier. We hope you and your child enjoy wherever Buzzele takes you! Feel free to reach out if you have questions through the customer care tab :)

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